Wednesday 3/8/23

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Saturn has officially moved into Pisces & the Full Moon in Virgo Aftermath 

The Test of Spiritual Maturity!

Did you pass, and who's judging? 

This is a time of reprogramming our spiritual side, with the help of Virgo- cleaning and clearing is naturally what we are wanting to do, but on the emotions. Deep cleaning, if you will. And we're getting rid of all the crap we've gathered and hoarded over the past 2 and a half years, its going bye bye. This looks like us standing up for ourselves in relationships that are not aligned, saying the things that need to be said and then walking away. Pisces is the completion of the cycle, the more we allow this completion to occur the easier it becomes, if we meet it with resistance or hesitation, expect delays. We have begun the journey to meet ourselves on a whole new level, embrace it. 

With the Moon in Virgo also trining Pluto in its final degrees of Capricorn; we feel the level of depth this transit activates within our psyche. This is giving us big time insight into the motives of others. We are seeing where there is imbalance and lack of alignment and your Higher Self is asking you to fully let go. Pluto's journey here has really taught us where we need to take personal responsibility in our lives and where we might blame the outer world, our government and society. This is the time we take our power back and choose accountability over comfortability. 



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