Wednesday 4/19/23

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New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse Conjunct the North Node, Sun & Moon square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus- The Courage to Begin a New Path!

Time is of the essence with this one guys, so much forward momentum, almost so much so that we can be swept off our feet and find ourselves in the storm that is the power of Eclipse Season. A huge doorway into the frequency of the New. The turning of the wheel. 

New us, new boundaries, new insights, new routines, new people and places. The lessons of lately being about how we can be more present in these new moments and transitional time. The mind wants to simplify things, Mercury in Taurus, and stick to what we know and have experienced before but the heart wants to feel the range of emotion, Mars in Cancer, regardless of what the outcome may be. The interesting aspect of this Eclipse New Moon in Aries is the Uranian energy next to Mercury, really working to help us find solutions and make decisions-leading up to the unexpected shock that will change everything and turn things around right when we thought we knew where we were going. The news we don't expect to hear and the alchemical process of calming our nervous system and adapting to that change in direction and energy. Death and rebirth. 

The North Node here with the Sun and Moon is asking us to focus on our dreams and efforts to fulfill our purpose in this life and really take action to implement these changes in a positive and empowering way. It's go time! After today, Mercury will Retrograde and planets will no longer all be direct; meaning we will have to dig deeper and really call on our courage and strength. Now is not the time for hesitation or half-assing things. It's either a full yes or full no.

Be prepared for anything. 

The thing about manifesting during this time is the fact that we are in such mutable and changing times, it is not encouraged, as things will come and go and the results are not going to be instant. Think of it more as planting seeds and tending to the garden. Day one with the many new seedlings.

This eclipse is a 19 year cycle, activating our Aries house, our own journey and our fears, planting the seeds of identity, self awareness, primal desires and environmental preferences. We might experience head related things such as headaches or restless mind, along with tension in the neck or joints due to rapid changes and energy in the nervous system.

I recommend listening to theta music or binaural beats to calm and soothe the vagus nerve and move you from high levels of stress and cortisol to relaxed, present and in the rest and digest phase as opposed to the fight or flight stage. It's all about listening to the body's needs and being gentle with your mind and nervous system. Meditation and mindfulness will help you big time. 

The square to Pluto is the invitation to really show up as yourself in this new Aquarius space, as the humanitarian, as the trendsetter, as the original. This is illuminating who is the real deal and who is on your side. Creating something bigger and better for the world, not just themselves. Smart enough to know we cannot do it all alone and that we need one another. This is our humility. We will dance back and forth with Pluto this year from Aquarius to Capricorn- who we are in the collective and how we contribute to who we are as an individual and how we work our way up the mountain. This will tell us a lot about relationships and the power dynamics at hand. 

We will remember this time, as our personal initiation, to step into this new world and reality as a whole and integrated human. Compassionate, empathic and ready to see a better future for all. 



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