Tuesday 5/2/23

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Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius

Yesterday, Pluto stationed retrograde in Aquarius at 0• charting territory we are unfamiliar with; the subconscious mind, the hidden, uncovering truths and healing our emotional state through shadow work, all to better not only ourselves but the future of humanity.
Aquarius is about being helpful and finding solutions to problems, by detaching emotionally- using our logical thinking mind and getting a read of the environment and problem at hand.
This is a moment where we feel the conscious re-programming happen. With Mercury retrograde too, we are being asked to cope in new ways, healthier ones. Kinder ones.
The intense nature of Pluto is to destroy and then renew, so know that there will be peace, after the chaos.
Things coming to an end can be better for us, but grief can come up in the process.
Honor your emotional ups and downs and make time for integration.
Powerful times! 
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I would love to help guide you during these upgrades and potent changes! 

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