Love/Partnership Chart Analysis Reading
Alyssa Danielle Campo~ The Phoenix Dreamweaver

Love/Partnership Chart Analysis Reading

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This partnership reading is for couples who are wanting to dive deeper into the astrological placements of their chart and thus deeper understand the nature of their relationship- ways to more effectively communicate and connect and possible traits and triggers to be aware of.

You can expect- a look into compatibility, the illuminated aspects of your signs and also the challenging and karmic patterns and progressions of your charts at a glance together. 
Included in this service is a 3 card tarot reading to review past, present and future energies of the relationship. 

The reading will be delivered live on Zoom. I need a valid email address to send the invite so be sure to get this to me before our scheduled session. 

This natal chart analysis consists of a 1 on 1 live video call of me diving into both of your full charts; including all 9 planets, your north & south nodes, Chiron and other aspects that are relevant as well. 

Details needed before our live session- 

  1. Full Names
  2. Birth Dates Time & Location 
  3. Valid Email address 

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