Solar Eclipse New Moon in Libra

new moon in Libra solar eclipse in libra

This Saturday 10/14/23 marks the ending/beginning cycle for the next 18 months, powerful times. Let’s break down the astrology! With the Sun, our essential energy and focus, in idealistic Libra- we want balance and cooperation, as it sits with the South Node, our old ways and patterns of the past, we see where we stand in our own way. The North Node, our collective focus and goal, is leading in Aries, whose goal is to identify and take action toward, so we definitely feel the intensity and fierce energy from others as they work toward their own goal and agenda. The energy is very clashing and combative. The world setting is also feeling very Plutonian in energy, major clearing and death-rebirth cycles taking place bringing forth a forced like sense of transformation and renewal in understanding deeper our inner psychology- really showing us our personal power. Saturn in Pisces is helping us revealing our spiritual and empathetic limits, learning we must find a new way of structure for the people of this Earth that encourages- compassion, allowing and receiving, ease, rest and patience. Spiritual maturity. Pluto wants you to focus on your inner psychology, as the work. We are in a phase of evolution that requires strength through the extremes to find a more balanced and harmonious relationship with ourselves and the world.

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