Jupiter Ingress Taurus- Opening Yourself up to Abundance

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So much happening in the astrology this week my friends!

How are we all doing?

Today is a significant energy shift from the year transit of Jupiter in Aries- where we deepened our connection to our personal identity and mission- to Jupiter in Taurus- where we explore what abundance means to each of us, expanding our healing journey in the realm of money, honey!

This ties to our self worth and esteem. When we know who we are, what our values and morals are and what brings us joy- abundance will follow. Period.

This ample energy of forward movement and momentum may have us all very excited as Mars has been in slow moving and self conscious Cancer- which will be moving into Leo soon (much more energy and passion to our projects and relationships) but it's important to still pace ourselves and not move too fast, this could backfire for all this Taurus energy that needs to take her time.

With Uranus (our awakening) and the North Node (our destiny) also in Taurus, remember that things are very simple and your heart and body will tell you everything you need to know. We just need to- Listen! 

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