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Personalized Astrology Reading/Counseling

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My absolute favorite reading to offer.

This is the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one. The chance to take in your natal chart on a whole new level, a personalized call with me, zoom style, 2 hours long with the ability to ask questions and dive deep into whatever you need help understanding. Whether you’re brand new to the language of astrology or well versed- every reading is a work of art and a special gift to have the ability to be your guide as we walk through it together. 

Astrology is a powerful tool for self realization, our personal blueprint, our guide for deeply knowing ourself and all the layers that make us unique.
It becomes a love language- always something you can rely on and study and appreciate over time.

The standard means of getting your natal chart now a days is in email format, sent as a PDF with less of a personal touch and more of a standardized version to apply to the masses. Not very personal at all and usually leaving the client with more questions than answers. 

With me I like to treat the birth chart as more of a ceremonial and sacred experience, really taking in the information at a cellular level. Open for questions and discussion as we go. I walk you through each layer, really integrating the information.

This natal chart analysis consists of a 1 on 1 live video call diving into your full chart; including all 9 planets, your north & south nodes, Chiron and other aspects that are relevant as well as a summary of today’s astrological influence on your chart/transits.

Details needed before our live session, the time and date will be scheduled upon booking your session, your current email is needed and- 

  1. Full Name
  2. Birth Date, Time & Location 
  3. Zoom app 

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