Thursday 3/9/23

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Sun in Pisces square Mars in Gemini- Highlighting Personal Power & Learning to Be Patient

Don't rule anything out yet, so much can change this week if we stay open. These mutable energies of Pisces and Gemini have us all asking questions and creates a myriad of opportunities and possibilities, which can cause some anxiety for the future if we overthink things. This is where the go with the flow mentality of Pisces will greatly serve you, once the intention is set and the energy feels right, that is key. You're in charge of creating the space, staying focused and keeping the faith. Let God/Goddess/All That Is take care of the rest. With 4 planets in Pisces you might feel very active in your third eye and crown chakra- which is awesome but can lead to feeling too airy and not grounded- work with the Gemini energy on the physical level so working out or having a massage to move the energy of the body. 

Moon in Libra oppose Jupiter and Chiron in Aries- Finding the Beauty in the Pain

The moon is social and seeking justice in the world right now, values and personal relationships being the focus. We want to see the beauty in things right now, even though the world is facing a lot of their collective shadow. It's not really pretty out there right now, but thank goodness the aftermath of the Virgo full moon will continue to clean, purify and renew us. That shift changed how we spend our days. The cardinal energy of Libra can move us to tears with a beautiful music piece or a work of art that speaks to our soul, intellectual and emotional. Embrace that energy today, treasure what you love and value and see the brighter, more beautiful side to help you get through. 

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