Wednesday 3/29/23

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The Moon in Cancer sextile Venus in Taurus, square Jupiter, Chiron & Mercury in Aries- Tending to Matters of the Heart, Relationships and Addressing Collective Anger 

The influence of Cancer is highly emotional, one moment or day feeling the highest of highs and then the next feeling the lowest of lows. Moody. With Cancer in the Moon (our emotional world) and also Mars (our drive) the focus is all very personal and sensitive to the individual. Each of us is facing issues that bring us to tears and make us feel helpless or afraid. We can feel emotional exhaustion, which can lead to physical pain.

For me personally, at our house, my husband and I spent spring break, sick at home with our 3 kids, resting and tending to the needs of our bodies. The boys were supposed to return to school Monday but ended up catching pink eye right as they started to recover from the cold. This is the type of energy I'm talking about. Emotional exhaustion, physical work. Lots of heart and being present and hopeful. 

In the world view, our hearts are broken, angry and demanding action; in wake of the terrible school shooting that happened in Nashville. How this transit is presenting itself, Mars in Cancer, fighting for the children. Protecting them with all of our heart and soul. Stay present in your process and be gentle with your grieving heart at this time. The world is upset, needing care and attention and this is the wake up call. Tend to your heart, your body and your loved ones. It's ok to not be ok right now. Lean onto the love and support that you DO have. You are loved, and you are needed. 


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