Saturday 3/25/23

astrology for march 25 2023 mars in cancer

Mars moves into Cancer 0* Moving from the Mind to the Heart!

Normally Mars takes around 6 weeks or maybe a couple months to transit through each sign, but this transit was 7 months! The retrograde of Mars was a long one and really made us slow down and learn patience when it comes to making things happen. We had a lot to think about and talk about during this transit. 

Mars in Gemini is physically stimulating and can cause mental anxiety and stress, distracting us from the mission or task at hand. The mental stimulation, overthinking, processing mass amounts of data and information may have had us feeling a little bit less than grounded. Well today that changed as Mars moved into the cardinal water sign of Cancer, the crab. 

Mars, masculine in nature, representing the heroic side of us, the one that is fearless and full of self empowerment, is combining forces with Cancer, the divine feminine Mother, and our very roots. In this time with Mars here we will move from the mind to the heart and feel more considerate, caring and nurturing. Our emotions will be our guide. Highly attuned to our personal needs and emotional boundaries, this is the time we get to practice harnessing confidence and self esteem. With Cancer, we can feel a wave of nostalgic emotion that brings us back to memories, our childhood and the way we were brought up. Our inner child work. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, it is key we listen to our intuition and gut instinct, without getting wrapped up in our personal doubts and fears. 

Explore different forms of expression, through art, painting, dance, and movement. Mars is in his "detriment" position here in Cancer because fighting and taking action, is not Cancers way. They feel and intuit. They don't want to have to confront or hurt anyone. Victim mentality or poor me attitude can present in the unbalanced expression of Cancer. And in her highest expression, Cancer is the doula, the feminine nurturing and support and the heartbeat. 


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