Thursday 4/6/23

Libra Full Moon 2023 Sun Jupiter Chiron Conjunction in Aries

The cardinal energy of Libra in the air is all about creation and inspiration; what we value and how we are valued in a relationship. Some intense feelings of insecurity in codependent relationships may be coming to the surface to be dealt with, it can feel like a test in a lot of ways. Our Spirit is being asked to face this task with bravery and courage. No one can do this for you, but you. 

With the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron together in Aries, this is the time to use our action and energy toward our emotional healing and forgiveness. Mars in Cancer can struggle to verbalize their needs and this Libra Moon brings a social aspect asking us to step out of our own perspective and see how it can benefit others. This can show up as feeling the need to fight for our family or fight for battles that may not actually be there, but we feel them. We feel the intensity and the protection overtaking. Breathe through this, rewire. Remember that you have grown and you don't need to disturb your peace at the expense of being right. 

Aries is ruled by Mars, our desires-how we get them-and also, our anger. This transit is teaching us to initiate change in how we handle ourselves, how we feel our anger, how we handle disappointments, understanding who we are -when relationships end, or when things don't work out for the better. So many things feel like they are not going the way we planned and that is for a reason. There is a lesson in the going with the flow- ask Saturn in Pisces. 

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