Wednesday 3/1/23

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*Notice where you have 29 degrees in your natal chart to understand how this transit is personally affecting you.*

Today we're going to discuss the energetics of the 29th degree, the final degree. We are in the completion stages right now with Pluto at the final degree of its transit with Capricorn and Saturn at the final degree of his time with Aquarius.

What does this mean?

Well, Pluto, the destroyer, is tying up loose ends in the realm strict and protective Saturn; the world of government, foundational structures, politics, authoritative figures and reaching the peak of the mountain through hard work and patience. We have learned so much through hard work, through commitment and a firm sense of discipline. Facing failure over and over again only to make us stronger in the end. Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign that turns a dream into reality through effort and responsibility. Ask yourself, what in my life needs closure or completion here? Especially when it comes to 10th house matters- career, reputation and inner authority. 

Then we have Saturn finishing up here in Aquarius, his natural ruler. Many of you are completing this Saturn return phase where you have learned the significance of patience, learning to honor your needs and boundaries and removing self imposed limitations and restrictions. Super liberating! And yes, challenging. This energy has affected all of us even if we are not in our Saturn return. This transit has taught us that we need to work in sync with technology and that it can be helpful if we apply it correctly. We are learning how much involvement and impact the internet and social media leaves on our mental state. This fixed air sign, is innovative, trendsetting and unique, urging us to embrace our inner weird- very mentally activating and sometimes overanalyzing and detached from emotion. This is the time where people have the ability to share their individual message to the collective in an instant. As he moves to Pisces, we will feel the shift so significantly in our spiritual and sensitive side. 


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