Tuesday 2/28/23

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Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, trine Mercury in Aquarius & the Venus, Jupiter, Chiron conjunction

There is a beautiful moment happening here in the celestial sky right now, an easy going energy and a harmony of our instinctive awareness and the collective emotions and logic. Empathy, compassion and vulnerability are the themes.

Some questions to ponder; What are you inviting into your space and energy field during this time? Are you making space for this with intention or through habit? Are you allowing yourself to move through difficult emotions without judgement? This heightened sensitivity will show you through others what you are aiming to heal and transmute within. The trine to Mercury is connecting us to new opportunities, mentors, innovative thinking friends, and scientific data that is compelling and electric. The thought of "how can I be helpful?" is on our minds, a lot too. 

This conjunction here with Venus (our values, relationships and how we love), Jupiter (our inner cheerleader, personal development and expansiveness) and Chiron (the Wounded Healer, our insecurities and trauma and how it changed and transformed us) is really asking us to dive deep and honor this time. 


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