Thursday 3/2/23

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As the planet of learning and communication moves from mentally stimulating fixed air sign, Aquarius, to the mutable elder water sign of Pisces we can feel the shift the most in our emotional world and close connections right now.

This week, into next, is a calm point in the astrology, before Saturn moves into Pisces. As major planets move into new signs, we are allowing this down time to see how those energies effect us on a personal level.

Mercury is also making a strong conjunction with Saturn, possibly making us feel a bit mentally overloaded and causing this to turn up the emotional reactions. 

It would be helpful to channel this energy to creative pursuits, especially studying something of interest to you. The mental energy needs to be used up and if we don't find that filter, it can manifest as negative thoughts and spiraling downward. The emotions teach us what needs love, softness and care. The emotional ups and downs are here to help remind us to honor our sensitivities and boundaries.

The sun and the moon are also making a nice sextile to Uranus really supporting us in our energy, motivation and inspiration to dive into our spiritual practice and allow ourselves this time and space to daydream, create, make love, dance, cry, and do whatever our little souls need in our journey of awakening. 

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