Tuesday 3/21/23

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New Moon in Aries: The Courage to Start & Embrace the New  

This is a powerful meeting of the Sun, Moon and Mercury- joining to support us by giving us courage and energy in all this new energy to face our fears and forage ahead anyway! All this Aries is the motivation we have been asking for. 

There is an undercurrent of anticipatory energy as well, as this is the first time in history that the collective is able to witness online, all together, in all parts of the world; Pluto moving into Aquarius. The change can feel exciting but also has us feeling vulnerable and exposed. With Pluto moving through the 4th house the areas most affected will be in our home and family life and dynamics.

Also with the square to the North Node in Taurus, we realize this time is definitely a big turning point in our life. A leveling up in our personal power and growth. The willingness is there to put in the work and the support with Venus in Taurus as well, we are reworking our finances and relationships and how we spend our time and money. 

Working through a lot of subconscious and conscious fears right now, so be patient with yourself and give an outlet to that voice that needs love and reassurance right now. Jupiter is conjunct Chiron, so a strong focus on our concealed trauma behind the curtain, where in the past we have felt we lost our identity and independence. A little bit of fake it until you make it attitude, as Aries has to take the first steps and be brave, as it walks the unknown and uncharted territory. 

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