Thursday 3/23/23

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Pluto Ingress Aquarius at 0* ~Healing the Shadow Side of Humanity~

This is a significant time in history, this present moment. 

Since the 90's now, we have been plugged into the internet. Instant connection, downloads, information, consciousness streaming in. Natural or artificial energy? Maybe both, and learning to live in this new digital world, learning to share and connect in new ways. We are at a pivotal moment where we shift from Pluto in Capricorn (where it has been since 2008) a self motivating, goal oriented, hustle culture, brick and mortar business mindset to Aquarius- who rules electronics, otherworldly energies, consciousness, technology, the web, innovation and the future; ruled by Uranus & Saturn, the planet of revolutionary and unexpected change. The powerful support and mentorship of Saturn, who assures that you tend to your responsibilities and commitments if you want to make it anywhere in this life, makes Aquarius accountable to be different and by being different it brings necessary change for our evolution as a whole.

There is a lot to unpack here, and we have been over the past few weeks, preparing for this. 

We will have Pluto here in Aquarius until June 11, when it will return to Capricorn until 2024. So a few month preview of...

La "revolution" baby!

Bringing on that excited and anxious feeling of the unknown, where we know something good is coming but we just don't know what that is yet and that can make us feel uneasy or afraid. 

Well thankfully, we have all this courage giving, motivating and energizing help from Aries. Even Chiron is here, with Jupiter as his cheerleader, helping us be brave to face our traumas and to really heal. So use that fire to keep you focused and awake. This edge is what a lot of us have been asking for, as a reminder of this precious life we are given, and to live every moment to the fullest. 

With Pluto- the planet of death, rebirth, what is hidden, secrets and transformation of power; a generational planet- linking us to our age group and culture and current goal of "bringing the power down" in whatever sign it sits within. Know that Pluto in Capricorn has taught us so much, but to put it simply, it has given us the power of Inner Authority. We have learned how to become our own parents, in a sense, listening to and honoring an ancient voice within that nudges us from our very core, where to go, how to live and how to work. With intent. With the help of the Ancestors. With a feeling of doing it so many times before that it becomes mundane and routine, at times, but in those moments we find so much gratitude in that simplicity. This is the inward manifestation of Pluto in Cap.

The outer manifestation is what we are witnessing right now in the worldview; the destruction and breakdown of government structures, corrupt foundations, businesses, people and political figures. We are seeing this everywhere, in every world government. The death of the old outdated ways. 

Now we shift the focus to the duties of Aquarius; the Water Bearer who delivers the people what we need- the hope, the message, the sustenance. This is sparking a vibrational change. Opening our hearts to humanity, bringing in a new world, and what that means to each of us individually. Completely changing the way we relate to one another, with the technology we have provided, and what will come out in the years to come. A focus on the human experience and also, the collective consciousness.  Our hearts feel electrified where we have Aquarius in our chart. Embrace it all my friend, this time is precious. See you on the other side! This is the breakthrough. 

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