Monday 3/20/23

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Happy Astrological New Year-Aries Season & Spring Equinox! 

Pisces renews us on a spiritual level, representing the final phase of the zodiac wheel, where we make peace with ourselves from a deep internal place- and choose self acceptance. It is the spiritual journey that only we can walk. Ruled by Neptune, our subconscious mind, where we must go to wander, daydream and fill our hearts and complete the spiritual journey, these lessons are in the arena of guilt, shame and feeling unworthy. When we let go fully and have faith for tomorrow, we reach the spiritual goal of surrender and karmic release. This brings us an inner sense of peace, we cannot describe but strive for and cherish when reached.

Then we arrive at Aries season; the first house and the first in line- renewed with physical energy and a ready and able mind and body. The energy is self-starting, assertive, fierce and on a mission. Ruled by Mars, which is our impulses, will power and our thirst for life, Aries is the energy we feel we have been lacking in sensitive Pisces. 

Headaches are common for Aries placements because it is fire- energy- information coming into the mind very fast, and the body struggles to catch up and know how to process this energy. That fire needs somewhere to go! Give your words thought, and give your thoughts action. Move your body! Move that energy and get things rolling! This is not the time to stop the momentum or hesitate. 

The astrological new year is the gateway into the next 12 months of our growth cycle, as this new self has emerged and feels almost reborn. Our outlook has grown over a year, our self awareness, our opinions and our self image. We have moved out of comfort zones, taken risks, made mistakes and learned some big lessons. The bottom line is you've come out the other side, stronger, more loving, and that is a beautiful thing.

Let this new you shine! Time to set goals, journal, make the vision boards, clean your house and manifest those dreams you've been working toward all this time. Motivation is at an all time high! Get pumped. Things are happening! 

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