Monday 2/27/23

Moon in Gemini sextile Jupiter & Chiron in Aries 

Today's astrology is about utilizing the power of the mind to support the emotional complexity and sensitivities of the heart. Healing, healing and more healing. Expanding on those feel good emotions of independence and confidence from Aries, while working hard on healing from past suffered trauma stored in the body, surrendering to the process- Pisces.

Chiron is patient, attentive and becomes the Inner Parent we always needed. Acknowledgement is key, while feeling those painful emotions is important; it's also important to release them and move on, not reliving the trauma and allowing for the phase of completion. Think of those long buried memories and re-wire this experience with love and acceptance. Get into a new rhythm with your daily practice with an exclamation mark on spirituality and radical self acceptance. 

You might surprise yourself with your capability to forgive and move on today! Embrace it. 

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