Friday 3/10/23

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Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn oppose Venus in Aries, Mars square Neptune, Sun square Mars, Mercury & Venus in Aries sextile Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Gemini

So a lot of squares and sextile action happening in the celestial sky today! Squares are challenges, that cause tension that lead to solutions, they create more flexibility and adaptability within the human spirit. Some may see this as a crutch while others see this as free training. Having squares in your natal chart give you grit and thick skin in that area, embrace them and learn to work with them. For the collective right now, we are exhausted and asking, there's STILL more? Yes, yes my friend. The astrology is astrology-ing. Pluto is challenging our emotional capabilities and causing a lot of people to feel that they've hit their limit. Snapping points and heated arguments can be a result. Also opposing Venus in Aries who wants instant results and to do it their way and their way only. Being more flexible will get you far right now, there is a lot of uncharted Piscean territory that is begging to be explored and all the oppositions to all this Aries energy might be having some people literally throwing tantrums. 

The Mercury sextile to Uranus and Venus-Mars is where the synergy and teamwork comes in, knowing deep down that we cannot do it all alone. A blend of feminine and masculine qualities. The compassionate nature of Pisces is pushing on the wound of not allowing others in due to being hurt in the past. Challenge your mindset, think differently, don't go down the road of self sabotage and self destruct. The healthy expression of Pisces is alignment, spirituality, mastering and surrendering; the unhealthy expression is escapism, addiction, rage and mental illness.

Therapy, journaling, meditating, grounding and spending time with loved ones are all things that will deeply nourish you right now. Tending to the emotions is key! 

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