Friday 3/3/23

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Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, Moon in Leo oppose Pluto in Capricorn

Our life force energy is welcoming in this new sense of freedom and stability. Weight lifted. The feeling of possibility and doors opening. Dreams are starting to take form. This grand conjunction with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Chiron is the "yes". Ease into the future, when we stay present. Uranus is the unexpected, Pisces is surrender; and your emotions will be your guide.

The extremes we have been feeling through the past couple of weeks from Pluto, working hard to clear away what is holding us back and destroying it, gave us some intense feelings of ego death and rebirth. This cycle is here to balance that energy and help us evolve. 

Today is a good day for integration, journaling, self care and meditation. The inspiration and motivation to take more concrete action will come in the following weeks.  

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