Thursday 3/16/23

daily astrology for march 16 2023 march 16 2023 astrology venus in taurus

Venus Enters Her Natural Ruler of Taurus- The Capacity to Receive a Love that is Worthy, Ripe and Loyal, Comfortable & Secure in Who You Are

Relationships will feel more secure and stable. Taurus is fixed Earth, practical and excellent at manifestation. The focus shifts from feelings to actions. Taurus is deliberate, which is helpful with all this mutable water influence from Pisces and Neptune. We are magnetized to solid relationships and business connections. Work that not only aligns with our personal needs but also with our spiritual values. 

With Mercury (our vision and ideas) conjunct Neptune (our compassion and empathy) downloads and spiritual messages will make their way to you one way or another. The narrative is about the individual spiritual journey, and trust. Dreams and astral activity are at an all time high right now, healing through the subconscious mind. 

Moon in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus, our energy supports our growing sense of individuality and inner authority. We see the benefit of all your hard work and efforts especially when it is uncomfortable and challenging. This builds strength of character and resilience. Growth over time versus instant gratification. 

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