Friday 3/17/23

astrology for march 17 2023

Friday Message:

The Finale of Pisces Season- Superior Conjunction & Mercury "Cazimi" 

Huddled up together we have the empowering energies of the Sun, Neptune, & Mercury- meeting to join forces and find closure in this current cycle. The sacred meeting that feels like an initiation- brought on by you, and all your hard work over the years. 

There are only a few days a year that this magical alignment happens- where Mercury rests in the "heart of the Sun" called a "cazimi"- and it is definitely a good day to tune into your scholarly self. Knowledge is calling. Referred to as the "Wisdom Body" today will fill you with light and inspiration, and nourish you spiritually. 

When Mercury is half way through retrograde cycle it meets the Sun in this way, nourishing our Spirit in ways we can't explain or put words to. However, some anxiousness and confusion can emerge as the energy of the Unknown may feel heavy and intense today. Neptune is the smoke screen and our emotional landscape. 

As Pisces season comes to an end, we sit with our feelings and see the spiritual progress we have gained. With the lessons of a little bit of every sign and season, we are in the melting pot of the zodiac now- closing out Pisces. It can feel messy and everywhere but that's the nature of it. Letting it be even in the chaos. Feeling the energy of Spring emerging while honoring the Winter, we are still in. 

Knowing the astrological new year is right around the corner, take this time to love yourself and prepare for what's to come! 

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