Wednesday 3/15/23

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Sun & Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces - Highlighting Sympathy & Faith 

There is a reason the time change happens during Pisces season; where time already feels odd. This can help us surrender to a whole new reality. One that feels less demanding and more flexible. An ideal time to pursue those creative projects, your favorite art, and some meditation. Heart- centered activities, not the best time to try and get a lot of mental activity and work done though. The mind is wanting to wander and daydream, and when you can, let it! This is where we slow down and let ourselves feel again. Good or bad. 

With Mercury squaring Mars, we might feel conflicted to express some serious emotions at the expense of others, and being right. We know what needs to be said, just don't rush the conversation. Use your gut to know when to share.

As we get closer to Mars moving from his long long transit in stimulated and easily bored- Gemini, to Cancer -where we focus more energy on matters of family, home, conditioning and our upbringing, we are wrapping up the many lessons of these past 7 months. Mars in Gemini acts as an antenna, collecting information and sharing it. Mars in Cancer acts as the doula, taking care of needs and emotional nourishment. We will feel the shift from society, our community and our environment to more focus on home life, healing ancestral issues and reconnecting to our roots. 

With all this Neptunian energy, it won't feel like the best time to make big decisions. As we move into this weekend this energy will ease up and prepare us for the upcoming shift of Pluto in Aquarius, the era of the future, technology and experimentation on what it means to us to be human. Are we ready? 

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