Sunday 3/5/23

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Moon Saturn Opposition, Sun Sextile Uranus, Jupiter Conjunct Chiron, Sun Square Mars

This time can feel like the ultimate test, we are pushing through challenging emotions, which takes conscious effort and energy. Our reaction to the pace at which we can adapt, is telling a lot. Are we patient with ourselves when we are learning? How do we feel about our adaptability and flexibility? These questions are here to help us reflect on how we can make simple changes or keep repeating a pattern. 

Sun sextile Uranus is reminding us that everyone is unique and has their own way of doing things, that there is room for our differences and not only that but they should be embraced and welcomed! 

Jupiter conjunct Chiron, is that dear friend that is nurturing us back to health after this long battle with our own ego. Faith and inspiration come from a place beyond, deepening as we work through these issues. Themes of breaking co-dependency, forgiveness, and renewal are here for us if we allow it. 

Lean into your strengths and love yourself through the hard parts, this Virgo full moon this week will highlight what changes need to be made. Don't be too hard on yourself through the process! 

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