Saturday 3/4/23

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A Time to Pause and Refine - Moon square Uranus, Moon Trine Chiron

We might be feeling a little edge right now with this Moon in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus, emotionally. Big time clearing is happening for us all on an individual level, "cleaning house" literally and figuratively.

As the moon makes her way into Virgo, she prepares mentally and emotionally to take in more criticism and hopefully, release the need for perfection. Done, is better than perfect. It's all in the details. Go the extra mile to do it right! We are seeing where we might have taken short cuts in the past and how we need to be better in the future. 

As we prepare for this next Full Moon in Virgo our energy is focusing on refinement, renewal and making things better and more functional for our daily routines and lives. The moon is also making a trine to Chiron, the asteroid of healing known as the Wounded Healer, putting the acknowledgment and care where it is needed in those sensitive issues.

Acceptance is key right now, and accountability! 

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