Sunday 2/26/23

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Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Aquarius 

The term "Just Do It" for Nike was literally created during a Jupiter in Aries transit. It's go big or go home energy. Ego's can be inflated, and deflated just as quickly. With Venus in on this, she is softening the harshness of fiery Aries through her compassion and values. Reminding us that we deserve the world, and to feel good. Aries embraces individuality. Jupiter is the cheerleader, emphasizing and expanding on this energy. Thankfully we have this because its coupled with the serious, sobering and even gloomy vibe of the square to Saturn. 

Saturn in Aquarius square Moon in Gemini is the feeling of emotional flow being restrained or blocked. I encourage you to work on those challenging emotions through hard work. Knowing it will pay off, you need to keep the mind active and stimulated- in the right way. Anytime we have Gemini placements we want to find that sweet balance between using our mental energy and our physical energy. Nurturing the brains need for mind-body synergy. Gemini needs to rest those rushing thoughts and information, so use your voice and your intelligence. 



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