Saturday 2/25/23

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With the moon still in Taurus, now conjunct Uranus, it is more than likely “random” emotions came up today making us feel moody and eager to understand the value and the lesson at hand. In the first house of your body and identity, you might feel the strong urge to change up your look and treat yourself. With Venus as the ruler of the Moon and the North Node, along with Uranus- we are not settling for any kind of emotional manipulation, an unfulfilling career or any blocks in our inner workings of self transformation and awakening. Taurus teaches us when to be selfish and take care of ourselves because if we don’t, who will? Opposite of surviving-Scorpio, Taurus-wants us to be THRIVING. Firm with boundaries, aware of their worth and unwilling to compromise; Taurus teaches us that we deserve to have and experience good things. Just as crucial it is to understand the challenges and painful times in life, it is crucial to know joy and happiness.

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