Aries Season: Awakening the Inner Warrior

Aries Season: Awakening the Inner Warrior
(Message from Spirit about the month of April)
We are amidst the time of the warrior, the love warrior that is.
The month of April we ride the energies of the firey, driven, epic, RAM who is bringing us along for the ride whether we are ready for it or not.
Are you answering the call from Spirit? Time to charge ahead, without fear, but trust and surrender. Utilize this energy to spread your truth, your light and passion like wildfire!
Feel wildly open to the new, we are experiencing things in a WHOLE NEW WAY. All the feels. What is coming through for you right now? Be aware of new space being created, in the body, in the emotional body, in your inner world. Soul family, coming together and the illuminated connections being made or rekindled now. The dots are finally connecting!
We are beginning to have some clarity and understanding from all the lessons and challenges of these past months, reclaiming our collective worth, healing wounds of the one beating heart.
The past few months have been about tending to our fertile grounds, and we are now seeing the first of the sprouts emerging and feeling very excited about this growth, this tangible growth that we can actually SEE coming together. Be sure to continue to allow this seedling to grow, it is vulnerable, and needs your care and protection. There is a divine timing in the emerging. Trust it. When to act, when to rest, when to play. You already know.
And all this extra love and support coming in from our soul tribe? Amazing. Bright. Brilliant and Inspiring. Take it in. Right on time.
We are connected to our Inner Knowing, coming together in what feels like lifetimes of waiting. TRUST, your inner guidance coming through now.
Permission granted! In this year of the Fire Rooster, we will witness a lot of feathers being ruffled by our collective wounds, and the pains of yesterday, what does this mean? To become like the Phoenix, who burns away the old, ego death, to birth the new. We are in the process of bridging, the old to the new. We are being called to WORK our light.
With this awakening of your Inner Warrior, we are reconnecting with ancient wisdom, and prayer from our ancestors. We are the answer. Here to ground this vision of a New Earth and way of BEING.
This is our time. Charge ahead, warrior! We love you.
All my love,
Alyssa Danielle

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