Thursday 4/13/23

Moon in Aquarius trine Venus in Gemini- detaching from the emotions to focus our energy on healthy connections and financial freedom for the future! 

Our minds are activated, as the moon is with Pluto in Aquarius; the mood is hopeful, optimistic and ready for transformation. We feel stronger. The tests and challenges that have brought us here taught us that we don't have to do it alone. Aquarius is humanity, our friends, our inner circle and the people in our lives that we feel have our back. Pluto is the Watcher, observing the collective morale and behaviors; taking note of their compulsive natures, their fears and their trauma. Pluto is pulling up his sleeves and ready to get to work. To help heal society, step by step. Day by day. The solution is there, but it may not be discovered in one day. It takes time, patience and persistence. Our emotions are on board with that. 

Venus is Gemini is making us feel bubbly and alive, ruling our local environment and thought processes. We may feel downloaded with messages, ideas and curiosity- be playful and open minded in your approach to things. Connecting to people on an intellectual level is important to us right now as we are expanding our horizons and branching out. 

This trine is helping us feel clear and decisive. Utilizing this feeling is great as we approach Mercury retrograde on April 21st. This will be the first retrograde with Pluto in Aquarius so things can definitely feel weird and otherworldly. Make music, get creative, brainstorm, collaborate, share your unique gifts and talents with others and get a grip on your finances as we move into the Taurus retrograde period, ruling our possessions, money, investments and security. 

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