Thursday 2/23/23

Today's astrology is looking hopeful and healing my friends. 

Jupiter is conjunct Chiron in Aries- making the individual brave, energized and ready for battle, the inner battle, the mental battle. This transit has us feeling worked up, maybe a little pissed off and impulsive.

So I really urge you to take your time and think before you speak or take action. This is how we strengthen our discernment. In knowing that action needs to be made and being patient enough to listen to the divine timing of it all. Saturn's lesson of emotional maturity, hanging out right next to the Sun. Saturn has summoned us to fight.

What would we call this internal battle? The diamond process? Intense pressure to perform, breaking under the pressure to revel our true inner self. Facing our concealed trauma and pulling back the curtains to what needs healing and acknowledgment. Are you going to listen? 

Chiron whispers until it needs to get the message across and has to yell, don't let it get to that. Honor the personal messages coming up for you today, with grace and dignity. Aries, warrior style. 

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