The Astrology of October

October is here!

Welcome fall and this energy of cardinal air sign- Libra and soon, my birthday on the 24th -Scorpio season. 

Personal readings are open! Give me the honor of being your guide to your natal chart, there are a few types to choose from. 

As we dive into Libra season, ruled by Venus, we fall in love. All around us. The colors of the leaves, the feeling of the chill crisp air, the connection with others. There is a lightness and beauty in the interactions and energy. Focused on what we value, what we enjoy doing. The south node is here too, to remind us of the old patterns we should not fall back into. Even if it's more comfortable and familiar, is it really going to help us grow? A lot of mental energy- as we are in an air sign. Make time for grounding, physical exercise and creative pursuits. 

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